Our environment policy

An important part of our work is to repair, reuse and reduce the waste from furnishings that wear out. The furniture in all 34 rooms, dining room, kitchen and reception is largely recycled. This has either been made from leftover material from the renovation or bought used at auctions and similar places and then carefully renovated in our furniture workshop. This way of working has proven to be very cost-effective and also gives an authentic feeling of an ”old-fashioned” hotel that many of our guests appreciate. Even the garden has been built up to a significant extent with recycled material, granite blocks from old house foundations make up plantings and floors, the old classic cast iron furniture from auctions is out all year round and gets new life every spring. The hotel is heated with geothermal energy and we have drilled 5 holes to a total depth of approx. 1000 meters. This covers our entire heating needs and means that our energy costs are very low.

We strive for general environmental thinking in daily life. When doing dishes and cleaning, the use of chemicals is minimized and since two years ago we do daily cleaning only at the guest’s request. We are trying. constantly reducing our energy use, programmable electrical systems, automatic shutdown, LED lights and local ventilation in each room are some examples of how we reduce our energy consumption. Our waste is also managed in an environmentally friendly way and sorting is of course a matter of course. Mixing modern efficient systems with old solid furniture and materials is therefore our passion. The ravages of time make everything more beautiful and with a little care on our part it is almost impossible to wear out the decor.

Hamngatan 27

Med centralt läge i Falkenberg ligger Hamngatan 28, i en vacker miljö – nära både stad och hav.

Hamngatan 27, Falkenberg, Sverige