Welcome to Falkenberg's Pantry

A gastronomic experience!

Together with high-class tavern keepers, we want to offer you a restaurant visit and a culinary experience which will perfect your stay with us. We are collaborating with enthusiastic entrepreneurs who strive to develop and refine the craft of their cooking. Along with these associates, we offer something for everyone and we will guide you a luxury dinner, something simpler and everything in between.

Falkenberg has during recent years developed a genuine and exciting food culture. A number of top-notch restaurant entrepreneurs, who spur each other to create exciting concepts, are working together. The call themselves “Falkenbergs skafferi” or “Falkenberg’s panrty” in English. Their goal and philosophy says “For collaboration and the desire to together give our visitors the absolute beast we can imagine”.

Hamngatan 27

Med centralt läge i Falkenberg ligger Hamngatan 28, i en vacker miljö – nära både stad och hav.

Hamngatan 27, Falkenberg, Sverige