The storehouse history

The old harbour storehouse

For more than a hundred years ago, wholesale merchant Oskar Nordblom built a storehouse and office in the district of Slottshagen. Everything needed for a successful country store was accessible at this location. Merchandise arrived here from all around the world, the ships berthed at the quayside beneath the harbour storehouse to deliver its cargo. Even the railway carriages stopped outside the door of Nordblom’s storehouse whose wholesale business was subsequently sold in 1951 to ICA/EOL.

In the wood storehouse facing the Krukmakargatan, the department of defence kept weapons for the naval defence. Canons, along with other artillery, were stored here for the coast defence of the harbour. The department of defence used the storehouse until the early 1990s when they moved out.



Hamngatan 27

Med centralt läge i Falkenberg ligger Hamngatan 28, i en vacker miljö – nära både stad och hav.

Hamngatan 27, Falkenberg, Sverige